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Del verbo venir: (conjugate venir)

vine es:

1ª persona singular (yo) pretérito indicativo

Multiple Entries:
venir (conjugate venir) verbo intransitivo
a) (a un lugar) to come;

vine en tren I came by train;

¿a qué vino? what did he come by o around for?;
vine dormida todo el tiempo I slept (for) the whole journey;
vine por or (Esp) a por algn/algo to come for sb/sth, come to pick sb/sth up;
la vino a buscar su madre her mother came to pick her up;
ven a ver esto come and see this
b) (volver) to come back;

ahora vengo I'll be back in a moment;

no vengas tarde don't be late home o back
c) (salir):

me vino con un cuento he came up with some excuse;

no me vengas con exigencias don't start making demands
a) (tener lugar):

ahora viene esa escena que te conté that scene I told you about is coming up now;

¿qué viene después de las noticias? what's on after the news?;
ya vendrán tiempos mejores things will get better
b) (indicando procedencia) vine de algo to come from sth;

viene de la India it comes from India;

le viene de familia it runs in his family;
¿a qué viene eso? why do you say that?
c) (indicando presentación) to come;

viene en tres tamaños it comes in three sizes

d) (estar incluido):

viene en primera página it's on the front page;

no viene nada sobre la huelga there's nothing about the strike
3 (convenir):
estas cajas me vendrían muy bien these boxes would come in handy;

el jueves no me viene bien Thursday's no good for me;
me vendría bien un descanso I could do with a rest
4 (como aux):
esto viene a confirmar mis sospechas this confirms my suspicions;

hace mucho que lo venía diciendo I'd been saying so all along
venirse verbo pronominal (enf)
a) (a un lugar) to come;

se vinieron a pie they came on foot;

vinese abajo [persona] to go to pieces;

[techo] to fall in, collapse;
[estante] to collapse;
[ilusiones] to go up in smoke;
[proyectos] to fall through
b) (volver) to come back

vine see

venir verbo intransitivo
1 to come
ven y mira lo que he dibujado, come and see what I've drawn
2 (llegar) to come: viene el invierno, winter is coming
acaba de venir de la tienda, he's just come from the shop
3 (volver) to come back: vengo en un minuto, I'll be back in a minute
4 (proceder) to come from: estos juguetes vienen de China, these toys come from China
5 (surgir, sobrevenir) me vino la gripe, I went down with flu
(suceder) entonces vino la guerra civil, then came the civil war
6 (quedar) este jersey me viene grande, this sweater is too big for me
7 (aparecer, presentarse) to come: esa información viene en el capítulo dos, that information comes in chapter two
¿viene algo del terremoto?, is there anything about the earthquake?
viene en un estuche verde, it comes in a green case
8 (indicando aproximación) este libro viene a tener unos cien años, this book must be about a hundred years old
♦ Locuciones: venir al mundo, to be born
venir de lejos, to come from afar

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vb venir

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